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Самые распространенные вопросы, которые мы получаем от желающих изучать иностранные языки

Из интервью с Rob Jensky,
директором международной языковой школы Language Link

1. Где я могу получить информацию о различных языковых курсах?

In general, the best way to get information about language courses being run in any particular city is to:

  • surf the internet and compare sites
  • browse through magazines dedicated specifically to language education
  • look through directories and business guides
  • ask friend.

I personally would advise students looking for language instruction to use the web if at all possible. If they do not have a home computer or access to the web at school or work, then go to an Internet Cafe. By browsing through websites, students-to-be can compare information and lots of it. If they rely on just magazines, newspapers and business guides, then they will only get a very small amount of information which is most often limited to a number of words and catchy phrases. A good Internet site, however, should provide you with the essential information needed with which to compare a few schools according to your needs and wishes. To be considered are the following:

  • The kind of course you're looking for i.e., a general course, an intensive course, a conversational course, exam preparation, etc. In general the better the school, the more options they will have for course selection.

  • The price of the course. Everybody has a budget and everybody has his or her ideal class size. Depending upon your budget, a number of other factors will come into play. The lower your budget, the less choices you will have concerning the type of teacher (native-speaker or not), qualification of teacher, type of teaching, time of lessons and class size to mention a few. It is possible, however, to juggle these and come up with a good combination. In other words, if your budget is low and you want a highly qualified native-speaking teacher then try asking for lessons in the early afternoon. Many schools have reduced rates for these off-peak hours. Likewise the larger the group, the smaller the hourly fee.

  • Are you looking for a native teacher? If so, ask about the kind of qualifications that they have.

  • Does the school offer free entrance testing and trial lessons? Does the website offer online testing so that you can have an indication of your level of language proficiency?

  • Is the school conveniently located near a metro or easily found.

  • What kinds of facilities does the school offer its students? Does it have a learning lab, audio-visual aids, payment by credit card, video library, etc.

Find the best answers to this question: Which schools offer highly qualified teachers, numerous course options, convenient locations and fair prices?

Concerning Language Link: Language Link offers language courses in following three languages: English, Russian and French. Each language is supported by its own website offering students general information about courses, methodology, teachers, prices, locations and online testing. For information about:

  • English - visit www.languagelink.ru. English and Russian versions available.
  • Russian - visit www.russian.language.ru. English, French, German and Russian versions available.
  • French - visit www.french.language.ru. French and Russian versions available.
  • Language Link offers its students a full range of facilities including modern classrooms equipped with whiteboards and audio-visual aids, a learning lab, video library, book library, payment by credit card, etc.

2. Какие методы эффективнее и почему?

Regardless of the language being taught, there is only approach to teaching that I would recommend and that is the Communicative Approach. Students learn best when they are fully involved in the learning process. In other words, you cannot learn to speak a language by listening to it. You must be an equal participant. This is made possible through the use of language games and activities such as performing pair work and role-plays. Students need time to practice the language that they are learning, and there is no better time than during class where mistakes in pronunciation or grammar can be easily corrected and explained if necessary. I am also a firm believer in homework to reinforce the learning that has taken place during the lesson. Admittedly, there are students who do not like homework or do not have time for it. If the student does not or cannot do homework, then this is all the more reason for employing the Communicative Approach in the classroom.

A second issue concerning method is the reliance on native-speaking teachers for language instruction. No teacher is better able to explain the nuances of a foreign language than a teacher born and raised with this language as a mother tongue. Likewise, they are able to bring the language to life, as it is difficult to separate language from culture. After all, the appropriate use of language is often determined by the particular cultural context in which the language occurs.

Concerning Language Link: Language Link has on staff over one hundred native-speaking teachers. All are highly qualified to teach English, French or Russian as foreign languages. If you want to learn English, your teacher will normally be native-English speaking unless you request otherwise in which case, you will be offered an equally qualified Russian English teacher. If French is what you are looking for, then your teacher will be native French born. We are particularly proud of all our teaching staff.

We are equally proud of our teachers who teach Russian as a foreign language. All are university graduates with diplomas to teach Russian as a foreign language, have international experience and are capable of speaking at least two other major European languages such as English, French, German or Spanish. All employ the Communicative Approach and all bring their native cultures into the classroom.

3. Каким образом определяется цена курсов?

Tuition fees are always based on:

  1. the number of students in the class
  2. the time of the class
  3. and/ or the type of course being taught.
You should always ask about discounts.

Concerning Language Link: Our fees for English and French range from approximately US$ 5 per hour to US$ 30 - 35 per academic hour depending upon whether you are studying in a group or individually. Certain course may have slightly higher group rates such as Specific Purpose Courses. Individual language tuition however stays about the same. Discounts are available.

Russian language fees range from US$ 5 - US$ 7.50 for group tuition to US$ 15 - US$ 20 for individual tuition. Discounts are available.

4. Расскажите пожалуйста о методах обучения, уровнях. Есть ли у Вас пробные бесплатные занятия?

I have already described the educational method used by Language Link. Regardless of the language being taught, Language Link offers classes for all ranges of language learners from complete beginners thru highly proficient language users. We even offer course for teachers. Our desire to teach language to the highest levels possible was the dictating factor in our decision to select native-speaking teachers with special teaching qualifications. Because, language Link has confidence in both its teachers and teaching methodology, free trial lessons are offered at our schools.

5. Как Вы определяете уровень владения языком и ступень обучения вновь пришедших?

In order to determine the level of a new student so as to place him or her in the appropriate class, it is necessary to administer a two-part placement test. The first part is multiple-choice and is used to get a rough idea as the student's present level of language proficiency. This test is designed to measure the student's knowledge of grammar, vocabulary and current use of English. This test may be taken online, taken in paper form at home and faxed or e-mailed to our office or taken at one of our offices. This test, however, is not suitable enough to place a student with 100% confidence in a class. Therefore, a second test, an oral-aural test (speaking and listening comprehension test) is administered either in our office or over the phone. Only when these two tests have been administered does Language Link place a student. These tests are free of charge.

6. Из скольких человек состоят группы?

The number of students in a group depends upon the hourly fee paid. For English and French group sizes range from 6 to 8 students.

For Russian, the average group size is about 3-4 students (maximum 6).

7. Как происходит набор и обучение преподавателей?

Language Link uses stringent selection criteria in the selection and recruitment of its teaching staff. University training, possession of special teaching qualifications, knowledge of other languages, experience, references, telephone and face to face interview as well as motivation/ enthusiasm for both teaching and Russia are all considered essential by our teacher recruitment department.

Once selected, however, the process does not stop there. The Heads of our Academic Department continually monitor teachers performing routine classroom observations and training sessions known as in-sets so as to assist our teachers to continually hone their skills.

8. Сколько времени занимает одно занятие и как часто они проводятся? Система оплаты.

The length of a lesson depends on the type of course being taught and the wishes and desires of the student. In general, however, the following applies:

  • Intensive courses run from 3 to 4 academic hours per day, 5 days a week. Course length can be 2 or more weeks depending upon the student's wishes (15 - 20 academic hours per week)

  • General courses run from 2 to 3 hours per day, 2 or 3 times a week (6 academic hours per week)

  • Individual lessons are conducted according to the student's wishes.

  • Classes are scheduled throughout the day thus allowing students to select from morning classes to late evening.

Students can pay for lesson via numerous means. They can pay for lessons using credit cards (Visa, Master Card, Maestro, Union), bank transfers or by cash (at certain schools).

9. Какие у Вас есть "изюминки" на занятиях или вне занятий (развлекательные мероприятия, национальные праздники, тематические клубы и т.п.)?

Though learning is serious endeavour, no one ever said that classes shouldn't be either entertaining or fun. Learning a foreign language is already difficult enough, so students shouldn't have to sit back in their chair and be lectured at. At Language Link, we know that it is essential that students both respect their teachers and like them. Teachers know that students have often been working or going to school therefore they will most likely be tired. Understanding this, the teachers aim to make their lessons as lively and interactive as possible. Likewise because culture is all-important, our teachers try as often as possible to bring their particular culture into class. In the past year, our teachers have organized plays, special holiday parties, festivals and language clubs. Learning mustn't stop outside of the school and so Language Link teachers organize special trips and excursions for their students. Our Russian students can also receive special discounts on educational trips organized through our Education Abroad Department. Our non-Russian students participate in excursions and trips to see and experience Russia culture first hand.

10. Дополнительная информация (какие-либо важные моменты, не намеченные вопросами).

There are many things that could be said about Language Link.

  • Our language schools are all fully accredited and recognized by both local authorities and overseas boards. Language link is an accredited test center for the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry Examination Board as well as Trinity College London.

  • Our Center for Russian Language Studies has also received overseas recognition. Language Link is a full partner of Dickinson College Pennsylvania offering its students credit-bearing courses here in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Language Link is also recognized by RLUS of the UK. This organization is responsible for placing students from British universities in Russian language Programmes here in Russia.

  • All Language Link students receive certificates upon finishing their courses attesting to their level of proficiency.

  • Finally, Language Link offers numerous other services including Departments for Education Abroad, Translation and Interpreting, Corporate Client Services and Distance Learning.

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