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This section contains 25 questions which have been selected so as to test your knowledge of culture regarding a number of English speaking countries. Choose the answer which you believe to be correct from the list following each question.

1. Which of the Beatles was not a member of the original group?

    a) Paul McCartney
    b) John Lennon
    c) George Harrison
    d) Ringo Starr

2. How many Americans have walked on the moon?

    a) 10
    b) 11
    c) 12
    d) 13

3. What was the nationality of the man who invented basketball?

    a) American
    b) Canadian
    c) British
    d) Irish

4. Who is Guy Fawkes?

    a) The leader of a group of conspirators who attempted to blow up Parliament
    b) One of many conspirators who plotted to blow up Parliament
    c) A Gun Powder Plot conspirator who was burned at the stake
    d) A member of Parliament who started the tradition of Bonfire Night in Britain

5. Which of the following did Thomas Edison not invent?

    a) Telegraph
    b) An improved light bulb
    c) Phonograph
    d) Electric pen

6. In which city was the first passenger elevator installed?

    a) London
    b) Washington D.C.
    c) New York City
    d) Otisville

7. Who lives at 221b Baker Street?

    a) The Prime Minister of Britain
    b) The Prince of Wales
    c) The Head of Scotland Yard
    d) Dr. John Watson

8. Which of the following was not home to an American President?

    a) Mount Vernon
    b) Graceland
    c) The Hermitage
    d) Monticello

9. Who fought against the Dutch in the Boer War?

    a) America
    b) Canada
    c) Britain
    d) Australia

10. Where was Queen Elizabeth's husband, Prince Philip, born?

    a) Greece
    b) England
    c) Scotland
    d) Wales

11. Which of the following have the same national flower?

    a) England and Wales
    b) England and America
    c) England and Scotland
    d) Wales and Scotland

12. What, according to legend, will happen if the ravens leave the Tower of London?

    a) Nothing
    b) A member of the Royal Family will die
    c) A member of the Royal Family will marry a commoner
    d) The Tower and the Kingdom will fall

13. Who used elephants when conquering Britain?

    a) The Roman Emperor Claudius
    b) William the Conqueror of France
    c) Hannibal of Carthage
    d) No one

14. Where was the sandwich first eaten?

    a) In America
    b) In England
    c) In Canada
    d) In Australia

15. Though his picture is found on one piece of American currency, he was not a President of the United States.

    a) Ulysses S. Grant
    b) Benjamin Franklin
    c) Andrew Jackson
    d) Abraham Lincoln

16. What could you do if you were next to Ben Nevis?

    a) Listen to him, he's a famous London tour guide
    b) Go aboard, it's a famous British battleship
    c) Get a room, it's a famous hotel in Dublin, Ireland
    d) Climb it, it's a mountain

17. What's the capital of Canada?

    a) Ottawa
    b) Toronto
    c) Montreal
    d) New London

18. What can you see at 11:30 in front of Buckingham Palace?

    a) The Queen as she greets visitors to Buckingham Palace
    b) Prince Philip as he takes his daily walk around the Palace
    c) The Changing of the Guard
    d) The Prime Minister who meets with the Queen every Friday at 11:30

19. How many American Presidents have been assassinated while still in office?

    a) 3
    b) 4
    c) 5
    d) 6

20. What is New Scotland Yard, and where is it located?

    a) Headquarters of the Metropolitan Police Service located in London
    b) The Queen's private garden located to the north of Buckingham Palace
    c) The lawn around Edinburgh castle which now replaces the ancient moat
    d) A tree lined road, also called the Royal Mile, located in Edinburgh

21. If the President of the United States is incapacitated, the Vice President succeeds him. Who would succeed the Vice President?

    a) Secretary of State
    b) President Pro tempore of the Senate
    c) Secretary of Defense
    d) Speaker of the House (of Representatives)

22. Which country has the smallest population?

    a) Canada
    b) New Zealand
    c) Ireland
    d) Australia

23. Which building is/ was the tallest building in America?

    a) The Empire State Building in New York
    b) The World Trade Center in New York
    c) The Sears Tower in Chicago
    d) The Chrysler Building in New York

24. Who is Hercule Poirot?

    a) Agatha Christie's famous French detective
    b) Agatha Christie's famous British detective
    c) Agatha Christie's famous Belgian detective
    d) Agatha Christie's famous Greek detective

25. Who is considered the 'father of English literature'?

    a) Geoffrey Chaucer
    b) William Chaucer
    c) Thomas Chaucer
    d) Jeffrey Chaucer

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