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Fill the gaps with one suitable word.


Pink is the recording name of R&B/pop singer Alecia Moore. (0) some think that the name "Pink" is 1 of her hair colour but it is actually a childhood nickname. She enjoyed her first hit in both Britain and America in 2000 with "There You Go" 2 was about saying goodbye to an ex-boyfriend. This established her as an important artist in the older teenage market along with acts like Kellis and TLC.

Pink grew 3 in a small town outside Philadelphia and she performed for the first time when she was thirteen with local rappers. First, she was a member of the group, Basic Instinct and 4 for a short time she was in the R&B group, Choice. Her songwriting soon attracted the attention of producer Daryl Simmons. She began her career as a solo 5 and recorded "Can't Take Me Home", "There You Go" and "Let Me Know" in early 2000. Her most popular hit during this 6 was "Most Girls", which entered the US Top 5 in October 2000.

Pink moved 7 from her R&B roots with the highly 8 "Misunderstood" album, which 9 a harder sound than her earlier releases. It was with this album that Pink really achieved international 10 . It included the hit singles "Get the Party Started" and "Just Like a Pill" and with these songs, she had her first number one hits in the UK. By the end of 2002, she was already recognized there as the new face of US pop, a title which was previously held 11 Britney Spears. Her success around the 12 since then has grown and grown.

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