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Water Sports

If you are the type of person who enjoys water sports, Dagabi is definitely the place for you! The water is so warm you can swim all year round. If you like messing around in boats, you can go sailing, windsurfing, or jet-skiing. For the keen fisherman Dagabi is an island paradise with many opportunities to fish both from the shore and from boats at very reasonable prices. Sport fishing for shark and larger fish is also available however, you should be aware that although the boats are relatively inexpensive if you need to hire the equipment too it can turn out to be a little on the expensive side.

Undersea sports such as scuba diving and snorkeling are also very popular activities on Dagabi. Visitors who have never before been scuba diving have a great opportunity to learn from the many expert divers, who offer guided dives and classes leading to a certificate. After a short course you could be swimming in the warm clear water alongside the thousands of different species of colourful fish that inhabit the sea around the island. As if that were not enough, there is also the chance to explore the amazing coral reef, which extends around the island. A word of warning, scuba diving can be dangerous so you should take all the necessary precautions and never dive alone.

For the less adventurous snorkeling can be great fun. The equipment is far simpler and less expensive than that needed for scuba diving and consists of just a facemask, a breathing tube or snorkel and flippers for your feet. It only takes a few minutes to learn how to snorkel. Unlike scuba divers snorkelers don't go deep into the water, but swim slowly with their faces just below the surface while breathing through their tubes. The waters around this ancient volcanic island are so clean and clear that there is plenty of colour and beauty to see even from near the surface.

1. This passage is about

    a) water sports around the world. 
    b) scuba diving.
    c) tourist activities in Dagabi. 
    d) water sports in Dagabi.

2. It can be inferred from this passage that

   a) water sports are expensive. 
    b) you need to take a course for all water sports.
    c) everyone can find a way to enjoy taking part in water sports.
    d) scuba diving in Dagabi is more dangerous than elsewhere.

3. Fishing

    a) is best from boats. 
    b) on Dagabi is quite expensive. 
    c) boats can be hired and are not too expensive. 
    d) you always need to hire boats and equipment to go sport fishing.

4. Scuba diving

    a) is the only way to see the fish underwater. 
    b) requires special equipment and training.
    c) is only possible with a partner. 
    d) is difficult to learn because there aren't many instructors.

5. Snorkeling

    a) requires more expensive equipment than scuba diving. 
    b) was invented in ancient times.
    c) can be dangerous. 
    d) is an easy way to see underwater life.

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