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1. Which of these monuments wouldn't you see on a Taxi Tour of London?

    a) Nelson's Column 
    b) Liberty Bell
    c) Statue of Eros 
    d) Cleopatra's Needle

2. Who is considered the 'father of English literature'?

    a) Geoffrey Chaucer 
    b) William Shakespeare
    c) Charles Dickens
    d) Lewis Carol

3. Who lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue?

    a) The Russian Consular General to the United States 
    b) The Governor of Pennsylvania 
    c) The Russian Ambassador to the United Nations 
    d) The President of the United States

4. Which of the following novels was not written by Charles Dickens?

    a) Little Women 
    b) The Pickwick Papers
    c) David Copperfield 
    d) A Christmas Carol

5. Where is the Statue of Eros to be found?

    a) Marble Arch 
    b) Oxford Street
    c) Piccadilly Circus 
    d) Hyde Park

6. Everyone knows that the Prime Minister of Britain lives at №. 10 Downing Street. Who lives at №. 11 Downing Street?

    a) The Prince of Wales 
    b) The Chancellor of the Exchequer 
    c) The governments chief whip 
    d) The Mayor of London

7. New York City is

    a) the largest city in the United States and nicknamed 'The Big Apple' 
    b) the largest city in the United States and nicknamed 'The Windy City' 
    c) the second largest city in the United States and nicknamed 'The Big Apple' 
    d) the second largest city in the United States and nicknamed 'The Windy City'

8. Which of the following terms does not refer to a flag?

    a) Old Faithful 
    b) Union Jack 
    c) The Maple Leaf 
    d) Old Glory

9. Where was William Shakespeare born?

    a) London 
    b) Stratford-upon-Avon
    c) Newcastle-upon-Tyne 
    d) Kingston-upon-Hull

10. How many stars are there on the American Flag?

    a) 50 
    b) 51 
    c) 52 
    d) 53

11. What is the second largest city in Britain?

    a) Cambridge 
    b) Manchester 
    c) Oxford 
    d) Birmingham

12. Who is (was) the 'First Lady'?

    a) The wife of the British Prime Minister 
    b) The wife of the President of the United States
    c) Queen Elizabeth's sister, Princess Margaret 
    d) Martha Washington, wife of the first American president

13. Which of the following statements is not true?

    a) There is a red oak leaf on the Canadian flag 
    b) The British Flag is actually three flags in one 
    c) The American flag has not changed in over fifty years 
    d) There is a red dragon on the Welsh flag

14. What is largest of the United States?

    a) Texas 
    b) New York 
    c) Alaska
    d) California

15. Which of the following parks is not located in London

    a) Green Park 
    b) Central Park
    c) St. James's Park
    d) Hyde Park

16. Where can you find the inscription, 'Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free ...'?

    a) on the Liberty Bell  
    b) on Nelson's Column 
    c) on the Statue of Liberty 
    d) on the entrance of every British hospital

17. Why would you go to the Smithsonian Institute?

    a) to attend university 
    b) to do medical research 
    c) to find your family tree 
    d) to visit a museum

18. Whose face wouldn't you see on Mount Rushmore?

    a) Benjamin Franklin 
    b) Thomas Jefferson
    c) George Washington 
    d) Abraham Lincoln

19. A flight from 'Down Under' to 'Blighty' would take you from:

    a) New Zealand to Great Britain 
    b) Australia to New Zealand 
    c) Australia to Great Britain  
    d) the southern United States to the northen United States

20. Margaret married a 'Kiwi'. Where is her husband from?

    a) Australia 
    b) Great Britain
    c) Ireland 
    d) New Zealand

21. What does the term 'native Americans' refer to?

    a) The first American colonists 
    b) The first pioneers to explore the American West 
    c) The American Indians
    d) The first Pilgrims to settle in Plymouth

22. What wouldn't you find on the island of Manhattan?

    a) Library of Congress 
    b) Sack's Fifth Avenue 
    c) Empire State Building
    d) Central Park

23. In Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, how do the young 'star crossed lovers' meet their fate?

    a) Both drink poison  
    b) Romeo drinks poison and Juliet stags herself with a knife 
    c) Both are stabbed with a knife 
    d) Juliet drinks poison and Romeo stabs himself with a knife

24. In the novel David Copperfield, Mr. Micawber gives David the following advice, 'Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure nineteen six, result happiness. Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure twenty pound ought and six, result misery.
If David wants to be happy then he should _____.

    a) never borrow more money than he can pay back. 
    b) spend the same amount of money as he earns. 
    c) save as much money as he can.
    d) spend less money than he earns.

25. What would you find in California's Sequoia National Park?

    a) The only volcano in America 
    b) The world's tallest trees 
    c) The tallest mountain in America 
    d) The largest lake in America

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