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Intermediate Test

1. In Britain you _______ drive a car when you're 17.

    a) will     b) can    c) must      d) have to

2. Have you lived in London _______ a long time?

    a) since      b) for    c) in    d) from

3. " _______ green tea?" "Yes, every morning!"

    a) Drink you      b) Are you drinking 
    c) Do you drink      d) Are you drink

4. I am very pleased _______ that you passed your exams.

    a) to hear      b) hear    c) hearing      d) to hearing

5. Oh no! The phone's not working and I have to call my mother - it's her birthday today.
Is it? Don't worry. _______ you use my mobile.

    a) I am letting       b) I'll let
    c) I'll be letting      d) I'm going to let

6. "How long _______ chess?"
"Since 1998"

    a) have you playing     b) do you play 
    c) are you playing       d) have you been playing

7. Printing _______ in ancient China.

    a) has been invented      b) was invented 
    c) was been invented     d) invented

8. I _______ stop at the traffic lights because they were red.

    a) must      b) had to      c) should      d) had

9. That's the man _______ wife is a doctor.

    a) who      b) who's
    c) whose      d) whom

10. "Who does this hat belong to?"
"I don't know. But it looks quite fashionable so it _______ belong to Jane."

    a) maybe      b) can      c) might      d) may to

11. Both _______ faces were red with embarrassment.

    a) boys      b) boy's      c) boys's      d) boys'

12. You look very tired! What _______ ?

    a) did you do       b) have you done
    c) had you done   d) have you been doing

13. I was really _______ after I watched that film.

    a) depressed      b) depressing 
    c) depress      d) depression

14. She won the race _______ all the others being professional athletes.

    a) despite      b) in spite      c) although    d) however

15. We arrived at the cinema late. The film _______.

    a) is already started      b) was already started
    c) had already started     d) had already been started

16. It's Sunday and so _______ go to work.

    a) I don't have to      b) I mustn't      c) mustn't to      d) shouldn't to

17. If I _______ , I would have told you.

    a) have known      b) know      c) had known      d) was knowing

18. Tom and Sue _______ last May. Now she's getting married to Andrew.

    a) broke up      b) broke off
    c) broke in      d) broke away

19. I asked two people the way to the metro but _______ of them knew.

    a) none      b) no      c) neither      d) not any

20. Next year, I hope _______ speak French fluently.

    a) I'm possible to      b) I'll be able to
    c) I'll manage      d) I could

21. It's OK. I remembered _______ the tickets. Here they are.

    a) bringing      b) bring      c) to bring    d) to be bringing

22. They are great friends but they don't meet _______ very often.

    a) another      b) each other 
    c) one the other    d) themselves

23. I wish I _______ computing at school when I was younger.

    a) studied      b) study      c) was studied      d) had studied

24. You look hungry! Would you like _______ tea and cake?

    a) a lot of      b) some 
    c) much    d) a

25. "I took my car to the garage yesterday because _______ strange noises."

    a) it was making      b) it made      c) it had made      d) it makes

26. "There is too _______ traffic on the roads of New York."

    a) many      b) much      c) lots of      d) huge amount of

27. Andrew bought Susan _______ roses.

    a) a little      b) little      c) few      d) a few

28. Because of the bad economic situation, 200 workers _______ redundant last month.

    a) have been made      b) were made 
    c) were being made    d) had been made

29. You mustn't _______ photographs inside this church.

    a) take      b) make      c) do      d) create

30. When I was a boy I _______ live in Sydney.

    a) would      b) did      c) used to      d) was to

31. Her husband _______ is a famous artist.

    a) , who is quite old,      b) whose quite old 
    c) who is quite old      d) , whose quite old,

32. Don't answer _______ you really know that you are right!

    a) if      b) when      c) in case      d) unless

33. If I won the national lottery, I _______ a sports car.

    a) would buy      b) will buy 
    c) would be bought      d) would have bought

34. _______ a few drinks, they then started the first course.

    a) Afterwards having      b) Having had      c) They had      d) They had had

35. "Look at that new computer he's bought! He _______ spent a fortune on it!"

    a) must      b) must had      c) must have had      d) must have

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