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Тест про Вику и Ивана

Выберите в каждом предложении вариант ответа "a","b","c" или "d".
Если Вы затрудняетесь в своем выборе, прочтите предложение с различными вариантами ответов и выберите тот, который звучит лучше. Удачи!

1. "My name is Vika. I _____ twenty-one years old."

    a) is     b) am    c) have      d) is

2. "Is Ivan a teacher?" "No, _____ ."

    a) he not      b) he's not    c) Ivan is not    d) he isn't

3. Ivan and Vika are _____ people.

    a) teachers and intelligent      b) good looking and intelligent 
    c) good looking and blue      d) good looking and intelligents

4. Ivan loves Vika but Vika _____ love Ivan.

    a) doesn't      b) no    c) not      d) don't

5. Ivan and Vika _____ .

    a) like jazz both      b) both like jazz
    c) both jazz like      d) like both jazz

6. Vika _____ last year, but now she does. Ivan taught her.

    a) beer not like      b) not like beer      c) didn't like beer      d) liked not beer

7. Ivan is happy tonight. _____ beer in the fridge.

    a) are there any      b) there are any      c) there is some      d) there are some

8. Vika _____ Ivan to buy flowers from the shop.

    a) say      b) told      c) say to      d) told to

9. Ivan _____ to do the shopping.

    a) forgets always      b) always did
    c) did always      d) always forgets

10. Ivan forgot the flowers and didn't buy _____ chocolates for Vika either.

    a) a      b) any      c) some      d) the

11. " _____ you speak English Ivan?" "Yes, a little."

    a) have      b) are      c) can      d) were

12. "There's an English film _____ Thursday night."

    a) on      b) in    c) at      d) of

13. "Oh, I _____ this Thursday."

    a) am work      b) work      c) am working      d) be working

14. "Jackie Brown _____."

    a) shall      b) can      c) is going    d) will

15. "Oh I _____ Jackie Brown. It's a good film.

    a) has already seen      b) already seen
    c) have already seen    d) seen already

16. Yes, it is but Titanic is _____ ."

    a) badly      b) good      c) well      d) better

17. "We _____ go to the cinema a lot but we don't go very often now."

    a) use      b) did used      c) used to      d) used

18. "We _____ too much since Christmas."

    a) have been working      b) have been work
    c) will be working      d) are working

19. "I have exams in June so I _____ study every night." says Vika.

    a) should to      b) had to      c) have to      d) must to

20. "If you _____ the exams, we'll take a long holiday.

    a) have pass      b) pass    c) will pass      d) to pass

21. Ivan _____ in a bank when he met Vika.

    a) is working      b) has worked      c) works    d) was working

22. There was a robbery at the bank and all the money _____ .

    a) was stealing      b) has stolen      c) was stolen    d) was being stolen

23. Ivan had to do more work. Vika thinks he _____ take it easy and relax.

    a) should      b) has to      c) might to      d) must

24. If Ivan _____ money, Vika would marry him tomorrow.

    a) would have more      b) had more
      c) will have more    d) would had

25. As soon as Ivan has more money, _____ her.

    a) he'll to ask      b) he ask      c) he'll asking      d) he'll ask

26. Ivan wrote a book of poems for Vika. The book _____ a prize.

    a) is given      b) was given      c) was gave      d) gave

27. However Vika wants a fur coat. She said that poems _____ her warm.

    a) don't keep      b) didn't keep      c) might keep      d) might not keep

28. Vika has some news. By next year she _____ a mother.

    a) will be      b) is      c) going to be    d) will being

29. Yesterday Vika and Ivan said that they _____ in three months.

    a) will marry      b) are marry      c) marrying      d) would marry

30. And after all, Ivan has hidden $1 million under their bed, _____ ?

    a) didn't he      b) has he      c) did he      d) hasn't he

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