Курсы английского языка


1. We have never met before, ________ we?

    a) have not     b) have    c) are      d) do not

2. They have two ___________.

    a) children     b) child    c) childs      d) childrens

3. There are a lot of alligators in _______ Nile.

    a) a     b) an    c) -      d) the

4. _______ too much sugar in the tea. I can't drink it.

    a) There is     b) There are    c) There were      d) There was

5. I want those books. Please, give _______ to me.

    a) they     b) them    c) those      d) these

6. Do you know __________ here?

    a) some     b) any    c) somebody      d) anybody

7. Why _____ you absent yesterday?

    a) did     b) were    c) was      d) are

8. Our baby ______ walk in a few weeks.

    a) can     b) will be able to    c) have to      d) may

9. This way is _______ than the other.

    a) safe     b) safer    c) more safe      d) safest

10. How much money do you spend _____ food each month?

    a) at     b) on    c) for      d) to

11. He will translate the text if he _________ a dictionary.

    a) has     b) will have    c) have      d) has had

12. The TV broke down when we _________ the news.

    a) watched     b) was watching    c) were watching      d) are watching

13. They ______ each other since 1992.

    a) know     b) knew    c) had known      d) have known

14. I _______ for you for half an hour.

    a) am waiting     b) have been waiting    c) wait      d) waited

15. Ann told her friend that she_________ the competition.

    a) won     b) had won    c) win      d) has won

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