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This section contains 35 multiple-choice questions and statements. Choose the most correct grammatical or lexical structure from the 4 choices given for each question or statement.

1. In England boys __________ join the army if they don't want to.

    a) must
    b) don't have to
    c) can't
    d) can

2. Have you been waiting __________ long?

    a) since
    b) from
    c) for
    d) to

3. Do you enjoy __________ classical music?

    a) listening to
    b) to listen to
    c) listening
    d) to listen

4. My father won't __________ come to your party.

    a) to let me to
    b) let me
    c) to let me
    d) letting me to

5. Unless you __________ harder, you could fail your exams.

    a) will study
    b) will to study
    c) studied
    d) study

6. How long __________ here?

    a) have you working
    b) are you working
    c) have you been working
    d) do you work

7. Baseball __________ in the USA.

    a) was first played
    b) has been first played
    c) was been first played
    d) first played

8. I __________ to stop very quickly in order to avoid hitting the car in front of me.

    a) must
    b) should
    c) had to
    d) can

9. Look! There's the boy __________ sister won the Moscow Olympiad last year.

    a) that's
    b) who's
    c) whose
    d) whom

10. All of the __________ faces were very badly sunburnt.

    a) girls
    b) girl's
    c) girls's
    d) girls'

11. She studies English __________ a Language Link school.

    a) at
    b) though
    c) for
    d) by

12. I didn't __________ like cabbage but now I do.

    a) used to
    b) use
    c) use to
    d) used

13. If you __________ he was leaving, why didn't you tell me?

    a) had known
    b) knew
    c) have known
    d) were knowing

14. Don't worry! It was so long ago I'm sure he won't remember __________ you to do it.

    a) to have asked
    b) to ask
    c) to asking
    d) having asked

15. I asked a lot of people how to get tickets for the Bolshoi Theatre, but __________ of them could help me.

    a) none
    b) not any
    c) no one
    d) nobody

16. He's so rude! There's __________ hope that he will ever make any friends while he's at college.

    a) little
    b) a little
    c) a few
    d) few

17. __________ the bad weather __________ caused us the biggest problem.

    a) It was/what
    b) It was/that
    c) This was/what
    d) These were/that

18. People usually liked her for her __________ personality.

    a) calm and quite
    b) quite and calm
    c) quiet and calm
    d) quite

19. __________ that you tell us everything, you won't be sent to prison.

    a) If
    b) Provided
    c) If only
    d) After

20. Oh no! She looks so angry! She __________ heard what you said about her.

    a) must have
    b) must
    c) can have
    d) can have had

21. I __________ to work when the accident happened.

    a) was driven
    b) was being drove
    c) driving
    d) was driving

22. Take your umbrella __________ it rains.

    a) in case
    b) for the case
    c) since
    d) for

23. . He doesn't take __________ his father at all.

    a) after
    b) over
    c) up
    d) with

24. A burglar broke __________ my house last night.

    a) out of
    b) into
    c) out
    d) in

25. There is too __________ violence on television these days.

    a) many
    b) huge amount of
    c) lots of
    d) much

26. __________ people think that I am mad.

    a) the most of
    b) most
    c) most of
    d) the most

27. Sorry, I can't give you my homework. I tried __________ it but it was too difficult.

    a) do
    b) to do
    c) doing
    d) to have done

28. I __________ by a famous hairdresser yesterday.

    a) have cut my hair
    b) had my hair cut
    c) cut my hair
    d) had cut my hair

29. We didn't know about the murder until the next day because when it happened we __________ the party.

    a) have left
    b) had already left
    c) left
    d) were about to leave

30. You look hot! What __________?

    a) have you done
    b) did you do
    c) had you done
    d) have you been doing

31. Can you tell me __________ the Ritz Hotel please?

    a) the path to
    b) the way for
    c) the way to
    d) the pavement to

32. I wish I __________ to my parents when they told me to study harder, then I would have passed the exam.

    a) had listened
    b) have listened
    c) listened
    d) was listening

33. I find it difficult to come __________ new ideas.

    a) up with
    b) over with
    c) across with
    d) through with

34. __________ the fact that he got the best marks in the test he didn't get onto the course.

    a) Despite of
    b) Even though
    c) In spite of
    d) Although

35. If only I had managed __________ Joe last weekend.

    a) getting in touch with
    b) to get in touch with
    c) get in touch with
    d) got in touch with

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