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Robbie Williams

Robert Peter Williams born in Stoke-On-Trent England on Wednesday 13th February 1974. From a very early age the young Robbie demonstrated his star qualities, performing 'Summer Nights' from Grease on stage in Spain he was only three years old. At school, Robbie's exam scores were less perfect, perhaps because his mind and ambition was focused on his entertainment career. His inspiration was his father, was a comedian, and it is from him that Robbie gets his great sense of humour.

Robbie's big break, everyone knows, came when he joined the boy band "Take-That". fact, Robbie and his friends hated boy bands, but he wasn't going to let that minor problem stop him from becoming a star. Robbie spent five fun years as a member of the successful boy band of the 90s. He helped to provide a lot of great entertainment for the band's millions of fans, before the stress of working as part of a group became too much for him and he quit the band. Robbie hadn't exactly the major star of the band, and the world wondered whether Robbie could find the solo success that he so wanted.

Despite his certainty that he had the talent to make it on his own, Robbie's career went badly for a time, and he had to fight a long legal battle with his former manager for the right to have his own solo career. After six difficult months, he finally won his legal fight and was free to start his solo career. At first, it didn't go as planned, "Life Thru a Lens" sold only a few thousand copies, and his next four singles ("Freedom", "Old Before I Die", "Lazy Days" and "South Of The Border") had only limited success. It looked though Robbie's fans weren't buying his solo efforts and his decision to leave the band seemed to have been a poor one. However, in July 1997 with the release of "Angels" everything changed and Robbie was back on top.

Once back, Robbie was determined to stay, and a series of great singles and two great albums ("I've Been Expecting You" and "Sing When You're Winning") have made Robbie into a superstar. It's very obvious to his fans that the more success he has, the he leaves behind his boy band days, and the kind of music he himself likes. He also appears to be enjoying his music more and more, and this comes through in the energy of songs like "Rock DJ."

As well as his music, Robbie has ambitions to have an acting career one day. In almost every video he takes on a character that demonstrates he has the qualities for the big screen. It must be only a of time before acting becomes his number one priority, though hopefully he'll always have time for his music, which continues to improve with every new track.

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